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Merimbula Airport, NSW


Bega Valley Shire Council


6 weeks

Contract Value:

$2.1 million


Merimbula Airport is a vital component of Bega Valley Shire Councils integrated transport network linking the Bega Valley with capital cities across Australia. It provides essential links for professional, legal, specialist and medical services and passengers for tourism, employment and business purposes.

Foamed Bitumen Stabilisation technology was adopted as the method for rehabilitation for the Merimbula Airport due to its cost benefits, quick construction time and sustainability advantages in a location where a short shut down window was available for council prior to re-opening to air traffic in March 2022.

The close proximity of the airport to Merimbula Lake and the Pacific Ocean also means that drainage on site is challenging, and the moisture resistant properties of the Foamed Bitumen pavement will give superior long term performance of the runway.

Upon reopening, the rehabilitated and strengthened runway will increase its classification to allow unrestricted operations for larger aircraft including ATR72 and Dash8 Q400 aircraft which are widely used across the domestic airline market in Australia with future upgrades now only requiring a single asphalt layer to bring it up to F100 aircraft for greater access around Australia.