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Sustainable Infrastructure

Insitu Stabilisation

Insitu Stabilisation techniques demonstrate the biggest recycling and sustainability impact in road infrastructure and earthworks through simply reusing existing materials.

The process involves the introduction of small quantities of binders/additives to existing road or earthwork materials with the purpose of improving the engineering characteristics, resulting in improved and more resilient assets.

Insitu stabilisation and pavement recycling is traditionally preferred amongst infrastructure managers due to competitive direct costs and fast construction methods. The environmental and social benefits of pavement recycling remain an important aspect and are being increasingly recognised by the public works sector and the community in general.

Stabilised Pavements of Australia has founded success as a business through its core service of insitu stabilisation and pavement recycling. We are passionate about our pavement recycling services and the genuine sustainability benefits that can be contributed to the communities we live in.

Did you know? ‘Insitu’ stabilisation carries the added benefit of undertaking treatment all on site, expediting construction time, minimising or avoiding excavation, and reducing heavy truck movements to and from site.

Achieving Sustainability Targets

Are you being driven by Net Zero 2050, Circular Economy or Sustainability objectives and targets?

Beyond direct insitu stabilisation and road rehabilitation services, Stabilised Pavements of Australia are committed to going the extra mile with helping clients maximise sustainable outcomes.

The solutions we provide can assist with achieving targets on the following outcomes in comparison to existing practice:


Recycle up to 100% of the existing asset as all the materials needed for a new road are already there

Natural resources are finite; insitu stabilisation preserves and recycles them into new roads and pavements

Preserve finite and natural resources

Recycling materials for insitu stabilisation of roads and pavements prevents these valuable resources from ending up in landfill
Stop the waste of valuable materials into landfill
Over 50% reduction in greenhouse gases with insitu stabilisation
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 50%
Road recycling happens on site, making construction fast and efficient
Quick construction as road recycling all happens ‘insitu’ (on site)
Insitu stabilisation reduces truck movements on local roads, making the process better for the community and its local traffic and resources.

Significantly reduce truck movements on local roads

This cost effective solution allows for more roads to be upgraded for the same budget
Allow more roads to be upgraded on the same budget due to our cost effective solutions and program packages

To better understand how pavement recycling can assist you to meet any of the above target outcomes, please contact one of our local representatives.

Sustainability Calculator and Reporting

In the absence of a simple industry-based calculation tool, SPA developed an ‘Environmental Calculator’ to highlight the sustainability benefits of pavement recycling through stabilisation.

The calculator is an Excel based calculation tool and has evolved over 10 years to encompass industry needs. The calculator maintains contemporary underlying modelling principles that align with government and industry standards.

For road rehabilitation options specific to projects, the Environmental Calculator can report:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • The amount of material reused and recycled as part of the rehabilitated pavement, quantities of primary materials required, and materials removed from site for discarding
  • Number of heavy truck movements to and from site for haulage of materials

The scope of calculations covers:

  • Material manufacturing (cradle-to-gate)
  • Construction activities
  • Transport and haulage
The resulting outputs are provided in a range of formats dependent on the needs of the user and include raw data, tabular summary or graphical analysis.

SPA has subsequent capability to provide targeted sustainability reporting that can be integrated into other project related information such as pavement design, construction methodology and construction budgeting for overall cost benefit analysis of respective potential treatment options.

Case Studies

Examples of our sustainability case studies are contained below.