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Goldfields Esperance Rehabilitation



Goldfields Esperance Region, Western Australia


DM Roads Pty Ltd / MRWA


3 Months

Contract Value:

Circa $4M


The scope of work comprised of the pavement repair of 7 national and state routes, totalling 100,000m2 including standard pavement rehabilitation works which included pavement recycling of existing roads with hydrated lime at 1.5% or with cement at 1.5% and at depth of 200mm.

Further Details

The project displayed SPA prowess in planning and organising delivery steps in a tight and difficult terrain to ensure minimal impact to stakeholders, utilising specialised methodology and resources.

A key success to this project is the team co-ordination and management of the entire process including client involvement and consultation, and effective time and cost management.

Consistent with SPA Policy, the project also included opportunity to ensure that indigenous participation was a focus within internal and subcontracted resources.